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UL certification

2. UL certification - help you successfully enter the North American market

UL safety tests

UL safety tests, was built in 1894, the United States product safety testing and certification of the founding institutions, but also the world's most authoritative in the safety testing and appraisal of civil institutions. It applies scientific testing methods on the identification of materials, devices, products, equipment and construction to life, property damage and whether the degree of harm; identification, preparation, distribution and the corresponding standards help to reduce life and property and prevent the loss of information, business research at the same time carry out the truth. Sentence: UL let the world know that your product safety, and to what extent security.

UL mark - product safety certification

UL mark is the United States and the North American region recognized security certification mark, the specifications developed by the United States and management agencies, consumers and governments all over the world and manufacturers recognized and respected. The UL mark has become products to enter the United States and North American markets special permits. Posted a product with this mark, it means access to the safety and quality credit card, its credibility level has been accepted by the vast number of consumers. Therefore, the UL mark has become the product (especially mechanical and electrical products) into the North American market in the United States and a special permit.

The UL mark classification

The UL mark divided into three categories, namely the list, classification and recognition of signs, these signs is a major component of the UL logo, they are registered trademarks. Application of the respective products in different services is not universal.


UL listed in the product name on the sign is that the entire product manufacturers have samples were tested by UL, and meet the applicable requirements of UL.

Products with the logo, the limited scope of its danger or the suitability of the use of both has been assessed.
  Component Certification
In order to speed up the evaluation of the product or system speed, and save money, not for the integrity or performance of a limited components in the future for the UL listing or classification of a product or system products, which can carry out components authentication. In any final products used in the components of UL certification does not mean that the product itself is UL listing products.

  UL Introduction
UL safety test laboratory is the United States (Underwriteries Laboratories Inc) acronym. Founded in 1894, he is a non-profit product safety for the purpose of testing and certifying agencies. Global has more than 50 laboratory, there are about 6000 employees. Every year tens of thousands of products through the UL certification and the use of the UL mark, UL total of nearly 800-odd sets of standards, of which 75% were the National Organization for Standardization (ANSI: American National Standard Institute) use.

UL safety certification three points: recognition, listing, grading, the same three ways signs (see below)

UL listing services, UL safety certification is the most well-known services. Product names to be printed on the UL mark, representing manufacturers authorized by the United States to UL safety standards for testing the sample, in a reasonable and foreseeable circumstances, the sample will not cause fire, leakage and the risks.

Authorized service component parts or finished products is to test these components will be used in the UL listing products. UL recognized components covering services to the millions of plastic, wires and circuit boards, as well as various products, or even larger components such as motorcycle or power.

UL classification products are based on different nature, a designated hazardous areas or specific situations to test. Generally, the majority of construction materials grade products or industrial equipment.

Grade products including industrial or commercial products, tests have designated nature, including flammable, hazardous conditions or performance requirements of the particular specifications. Detailed information may refer http://www.ul.com/

 ETL Introduction

ETL is the acronym for Electrical Testing Laboratory, "NRTL" one laboratory, one of the four countries and the Nordic Swedish SEMKO accreditation body under the same InterTek Group A product certification services.
Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical products as long as the signs on with ETL test after test showed that it is consistent with relevant industry standards. ETL mark primarily applicable United States market



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