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SASO certification

7.SASO certification

Saudi security certification mark
International compliance certification program (ICCP) is a Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) Since 1995, the first implementation of the provisions of one pair of products includes compliance assessment, before shipment inspection and certification of a comprehensive plan to ensure that the imports Shipments of goods prior to full compliance with Saudi product standards. From March 17, 2003, Kuwait Industrial Authority (PAI) has begun implementing ICCP program, the majority of household electrical appliances, audio products and lighting products are within the scope of the ICCP, and the UAE also 2003 5 with effect from 31 started ICCP program.
ICCP program for exporters or manufacturers CoC certificate was provided in three ways, according to its own customers can be the nature of the products, in line with standards, and the frequency of shipments and choose the most appropriate manner. CoC certificate authorized by the SASO SASO Country Office (SCO), or authorized by PAI PAI Country Office (PCO) for the issue.

Channel 1: pre-shipment certification standards
This approach is most suitable for small shipments exporters or manufacturers. Each ship ago to apply for a pre-shipment inspection (PSI), as well as pre-shipment testing (PST). Both are qualified can obtain a CoC certificate.

Channel 2: Registration and pre-shipment inspection
This means suitable for the great majority of the customers, its advantage lies in each shipment inspection (PSI) Although it is necessary, but each batch of goods for shipment before any further testing (PST). Affirming target customers through the submission and provide the importing countries and relevant international or national standards test reports, and affirms that the products have been imported to meet the basic requirements and national differences can be registered credentials Statement for Registration (SfR).

Channel 3: Forms recognized certification
This approach can save before each shipment inspection fees or testing fee, to simplify the application procedures for repeat, can ensure that the delivery time, and are thus part of shipping more frequent or larger, pay attention to the quality and credibility of the companies favor. Exporters or manufacturer's products only in full compliance with the mandatory standards can import and export access Statement for License (SfL) certificate. The certificate is valid for one year, submitted before the expiration to update factories and the seizure report and pay an annual fee can be vetted by the RLC renewal. The certificate was SfL products are no longer required for each batch of goods before shipment inspection (PSI), and to one year in several of the very few samples (generally 2-3 times / year, the situation may be, according to the products).

Channels 1 and 2 shipment inspection fees before the formula:
1, FOB at US $ 3000 following inspection fee-free
2, FOB at US $ 3001-60000
船检cost: US $ 300
3, FOB at US $ 60001-200000
船检cost: FOB 0.5%
4, FOB at US $ 200001-1000000
船检cost: US $ 1000 + (FOB-US $ 200000) X0.4%
5, FOB at US $ 1000001 above
船检cost: US $ 4200 + (FOB-US $ 1000000) X0.15%



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