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GS signs

4. GS signs - Germany safety identification mark

What is GS certification?   

GS German is the meaning of "Geprufte Sicherheit" (Security has certified), but also "Germany Safety" (Germany Safety) mean. GS product safety certification to the German law (S GS) as the basis, in accordance with EU standards EN or German industrial standard DIN testing of a voluntary certification, the European market is Germany recognized security certification mark.

GS signs that the product has passed the safety of the credibility of an independent body test. GS signs, though not mandatory legal requirements, but it does to a fault in the product caused by accidents, so that manufacturers are subject to strict Germany (Europe) product safety laws. So GS logo is a powerful market tool, can enhance customer confidence and desire to buy. Although GS German standards, but the vast majority of European countries will agree. GS certification and meet at the same time, products will meet the EC's CE Mark requirements. And CE not the same, there is no legal GS signs mandatory requirements, but because safety awareness has been thoroughly ordinary consumers, and a GS in the electrical signs in the market may be a more general products more competitive.

GS signs are vast numbers of customer acceptance by the European safety signs. Sales GS-certified products are usually priced higher and more popular.

EC CE, 1997.1.1. Control from the "low voltage Directive (LVD)."
GS includes "low voltage Directive (LVD)," all the demands.

Who is eligible, GS certificate?
(1) German certification body: usually well-known in the German domestic local GS certification organizations have TUV RHEINLAND, TUV PRODUCT SERVICES, VDE, Germany is directly recognized GS certification organizations.
(2) other accreditation agencies: usually other European cooperation with the German GS certification organizations have KEMA, ITS, NEMKO, DEMKO, etc..
What kind of products can apply for the GS certification?   
★ household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances.
★ household machinery.
★ sports supplies.
★ household electronic equipment, such as audio-visual equipment.
★ electrical and electronic office equipment, such as photocopiers, fax machines, shredders, computers, printers.
★ industrial machinery, laboratory measurement equipment.
★ other safety-related products, such as bicycles, helmets, top bed, furniture, etc..

How can we obtain GS certificate?
(1) The first meeting: Adoption of the first meeting of agencies or agency to the applicant's product certification engineers explained the specific procedures and standards, and to provide the requested documents will be submitted forms.
(2) applications: from the applicant submitted the documents meet the requirements for electrical products, product assembly and the need to map, electrical schematics, bill of materials, product use or the use of installation manuals, Series models, such as the difference between the documents.
(3) Technical Meeting: detection agencies checked the applicant's document information, the applicant will be arranged with the technical staff of technical meetings.
(4) sample test: test will be in accordance with the applicable standards, in the manufacturer's laboratory inspection agencies or any one of the countries in the laboratory.
(5) factory inspections: GS certification requirements of the production sites of safety-related inspection procedures.
(6) GS issued certificates.
GS certification need to spend the time and cost?

Generally speaking, the length of time depends on whether the need to change products or product manufacturer to submit the required documentation speed. Generally speaking, the time normally required for about six - eight weeks. Costs include a one-time licensing fees, inspection fees, as well as certificates factory annual fee. The number will be in accordance with specific products and the type of testing required for a decision. Accreditation agencies in receipt of the application to submit the required documents will be provided for your reference price of each certification bodies market policy, the credibility different, prices will vary.


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