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The United States Federal Communications Commission Federal Communications Commission

     In order to fulfill communications law, international treaties and the responsibilities conferred by the provisions, in order to promote more efficient use of spectrum resources, the United States Federal Communications Commission radio frequency equipment for the establishment of technical standards. For most of the electrical and electronic products, mainly FCC Part 15 and FCC Part 18.

     Different products were certified three different models, namely: Verification, the Declaration of Conformity (DoC), Certification. Different authentication model, require the FCC recognized testing laboratory, and have different applications, testing requirements and affirm.

     Verification is the manufacturers to take certain steps to ensure that a product complies with the corresponding technical standards process.

     Declaration of Conformity is the responsible party must take steps to ensure that a product complies with the corresponding technical standards process.

     FCC Certification is based on test data and the application and authorized the signing of the process equipment.

     FCC Part 15 for intentional, unintentional or instantaneous and in the use of individual permits without making provisions transmitting equipment. It includes technical specifications, and other administrative requirements of the market access conditions.

     FCC Part 15 addresses the RF products, mainly divided into four categories: no intention of launching equipment, intends to launch equipment, not permit personal communications equipment, the State need not permit the basis of information equipment. Almost all electrical and electronic equipment will contain no intention of launching.

     FCC Part 18 for a certain spectrum of work on the industrial, scientific and medical devices (ISM) launched by the electromagnetic energy has made provisions to prevent the above equipment mandated wireless services have harmful interference.

     The ISM for consumer equipment, its certification mode Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Certification two.


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