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CE certification
 1. CE certification: professional for you to build the European market

  In the past, EC countries requirement varied on the import and sale of products, according to a country's standard of goods manufactured in other countries is likely to be listed, as the efforts to eliminate the trade barriers, CE certification came into being. Therefore, the CE certification on behalf of CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE. In fact, the CE certification or EC in the languages of many countries, "EC" the acronym for the phrase, the original English phrase EUROPEAN COMMUNITY acronym for the EC, due to the EC is COMMUNATE EUROPEIA in French, Italian for COMUNITA EUROPEA, Portuguese for COMUNIDADE EUROPEIA, Spanish COMUNIDADE EUROPE, it changed EC for CE. Of course, may also wish to CE certification as CONFORMITY WITH EUROPEAN (DEMAND) [with Europe (requirements)].

  Who granted CE mark?

CE certification is not marked by any official authority, certification or testing nuclear laboratory, but by the manufacturer or its agents according to the expression pattern of an eight (or mixed), the self-produced and early for an add.

  Who with responsibility for the correctness for CE mark?

The manufacturer or its agents, or members of the European Union importers must responsible for the correctness of CE mark.

 who is being accepted CE mark ?

CE mark of the EC members to accept responsibility for the targeted implementation of a market controlled national product safety regulatory authorities, not customers, and when a product has been certified by CE mark, the member responsible for sales safety oversight authority should assume that compliance with instructions the main requirements of the EC market in the free flow

  The meaning of CE mark:

Abbreviations used CE certification for CE certification symbol that marks covered by the product complies with the relevant provisions of the European Directive the main requirements (Essential Requirements), and to confirm that the product has passed a corresponding conformity assessment procedures and / or the manufacturer's compliance statement in order to truly become products were allowed to enter the EC market sales of pass. The instructions to early for an add CE mark certification of industrial products, no CE mark, can’t listed for sale, signs have been early for an add CE certification of products to enter the market, found not complying with safety requirements should be ordered from the market recovery, the continued violation of instructions CE mark certification requirements will be restricted or banned from entering the EU market or be forced to withdraw from the market.

  Does the CE mark have proven the meaning of quality standards

Constitute the core of the European directive "major requirements" in the EC on May 7, 1985 (85 / C136/01), "technical coordination with the standard methods of the new resolution" on the need for the development and implementation of directives purpose " the main demands "has a specific meaning, only to products not endangering human, animal products safety and the basic safety requirements, rather than the general quality requirements, coordination directive provides only main requirement, the general instructions to a standard task. Products comply with the main requirements of the relevant directive, we can attach a CE certification mark, but not by the standards of the general quality of the provisions ruled can use CE certification mark. So precise meaning is: CE certification mark is the quality rather than safety qualified signs qualified signs.

A sign with a kite CE certification does not mean that can fly well, but only that the kite meet safety requirements.

  What is the CE certification mark?

In recent years, in the European Economic Area marketable commodity, CE certification of the use of more and more signs, signs covered by CE certification of goods that their safety, health, environmental and consumer protection and a series of European directives to be the expression request.

  CE certification marking major steps

(1) design products to make them consistent with the relevant provisions of product safety standards

(2) the establishment of technical information (TCF) (which is confirmation that the products meet CE certification of the
relevant directive basic safety requirements, and specific information display)

(3) the implementation of quality assurance system

(4) from the certification authority approved the implementation of self-certification or declaration signed the statement (some specific products to be approved by the certification authority approved before the certification label attached CE)
(5) attached CE certification label

CE certification statement consistency whether standard format?

Directive does not provide for a fixed format, but many of the design certification agencies have their own fixed format.


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