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6. CB

CB concept
IECEE CB Electrical Products Safety System is mutual recognition of test reports of a truly international system. Each country's national accreditation body (NCB) formed between the multilateral agreement, manufacturers can NCB with a test certificate issued by the CB CB system were other members of the national certification.

IEC CB system based on international standards. If some members of the national standard has yet to totally consistent with the IEC standards, but also allow the existence of different countries, but announced to the other members. CB system using CB test certificate to prove that products samples has successfully passed the appropriate tests and comply with the relevant IEC requirements and the requirements of the member countries.

CB system's main objective is to promote international trade, the means through the promotion of national standards with international standards and harmonization of product certification agency cooperation due to manufacturers closer to the ideal of "a test, multiple application".

The scope of CB system

CB system coverage of the product is recognized by the IECEE system within the scope of IEC standard products. When three or more members announced they want to join and support a standard CB system, the new IEC standards CB system will be used. The IEC standards currently in use in the release communiques and the IECEE CB website.

Current electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) not included CB system, unless used by the IEC standards specifically requested. However, the CB system has begun to survey their members and to conduct safety tests EMC measurement wishes. The results of this research will be published as a theme in the CB Gazette.

CB test certificate and CB test report

CB test certificate is issued by an authorized official of the NCB CB system documents, the purpose is to tell the other NCB: has been testing samples of products that comply with the existing requirements. CB test certificate should not be used for advertising, but would have allowed the CB certificate as a reference.

CB report is a standardized report it to the list in the form of an article - by-article cited relevant IEC standards. The report provides all the required testing, measurement, verification, inspection and evaluation of the results, these results should be clearly and without ambiguity. The report also includes photos, circuit diagrams, photographs and product descriptions. According to the CB system rules, CB test report only test certificate together with CB provide effective when


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