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ISO/TS16949 (TS sense that the technical specifications) will be numerous auto industry quality management system requirements (QS-9000, VDA6.1, EAQF, AVSQ) integration. ISO/TS16949: 2002 has been the world (Europe, Asia and the United States) automobile industry recognition. The three major American car companies - DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, Ford gradually watered down in the QS-9000, and will ISO/TS16949: 2002 as their dominant requirements.
ISO/TS16949: 2002 explicitly stipulates that the quality management system such as design (development), production, as well as applicable, installation, maintenance automotive products requirements. System requirements can be applied to products and production materials manufacturers and their supply-side, but also can be applied to such as heat treatment, spraying, electroplating, and other surface treatment services, as well as other customers clearly specified products and services.

ISO/TS16949 benefits
1, and other car manufacturers global integration to the world's automotive manufacturers to provide quality products
2, a common IATF third-party registration program, it maintains a global consistency
3, and improve product and process quality
4, a further guarantee of global resources
5, for the re-allocation of resources to improve quality
6, in the supply chain system of common method to maintain the quality of supply-side / min for the development and the consistency
7, reduce the multiple constituents to register in order to reduce costs
8, reduce changes, improve efficiency
9, the second reduction system audit
10, a common language in order to help improve the understanding of quality requirements
11, to the large number of international manufacturers for the supply side, through ISO/TS16949 audit is a very effective method, because only conduct a review, and the company can meet the quality requirements of the special combination of QS-9000 , VDA6.1, AVSQ and EAQF the quality system requirements of the automotive industry as well as common registration program.

ISO / TS 16949 applicability

ISO / TS 16949 is a very special standards, this standard applies only in the steam machine industry in the supply chain manufacturers, but must meet the following requirements:
1, the so-called "steam machine industry" only included in the operation of vehicles on the road, such as cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles
2, industrial vehicles, farming machines, mining vehicles, construction, etc., non-use of vehicles on the road, not in the scope of application
3, the applicable certification "site (site)," there must be value-added manufacturing process (value added manufacture process).
  The "manufacturing" in the definition must contain the following:
1, the production of raw materials
2, production or use of the service parts (Parts on the OEM cars), non - OEM parts are excluded
3, the assembly
4, heat treatment, welding, painting, electroplating or other processing services.

In addition, ready to accept certification will be required to have 12 months of performance records. These records must be based on performance in the production of products and used by the Quality Management System (QMS), established production facilities, for the past at least 12 months of performance data.
Certification of all external coordination and support sites, must, within 90 days, to complete all the places audited. If over this period, certification procedures will be deemed unable to complete.
Through integrated management system efficiency
Quality and environmental issues concern the auto industry is an important issue. Therefore, car manufacturers at the same time encourage the use of ISO/TS16949 and ISO 14001 management system.

Although various international management system standards are independent, but to achieve integrated management system can play in the unlimited potential of the company and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company.

Our "integrated advisory services" aims to: minimize disruption of the company's business activities circumstances, help your company achieve integrated management system standard registration requirements. So, if your commitment to improve the quality (ISO/TS16949), the environment (ISO 14001) and / or health and safety (OHSAS18001) management, and hopes to develop a comprehensive management program, we can help you do this.


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