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ISO9000 certification cycle

(1) ISO9000 certification cycle

The content of time (days)
Early visits to the enterprises understand the general 1-2
Training ISO9000 instruction, training (and corporate leadership to implement quality system) 5-8
Document review (to prepare) quality manuals, procedures document, operations guide book 18
Revised document quality manuals, procedures document, operations guide book 3
Operational guidance trial operation (all departments interface Amendment) 5
OIA training enterprises auditors training 5
Formal OIA (including OIA) (Management Review) 2-5
Through certification (including through to the pre-certification) 2-5
(2) ISO 9000 certification steps
Carefully read the ISO 9001 standard, you will have such a concept, ISO9001 standard is very comprehensive, standardized enterprise from the purchase of raw materials to finished product delivery of all process involves enterprise from the top management to the most grass-roots all staff . You might think that such a comprehensive and complex system, its implementation will very difficult!
It is undeniable that the implementation of ISO 9000 is a certain degree of difficulty, but, as long as you sincerely to implement ISO 9000 as improve the company's management performance measures not only important swing-like, it as a long-term development strategy, moving steadily, in accordance with the specific company situation careful planning, ISO9000 eventually be in your company, rooting results.
In simple terms, the implementation of ISO 9000 are as follows five essential process:
Knowledge preparation - legislation -宣贯- implementation - supervision, and improving.
You can your company's specific circumstances, the above-mentioned five planning process, in accordance with the implementation of certain steps to guide your company gradually entered the ISO9000 world.

Enterprise Quality System, the original identification, diagnosis;
The appointment of administrators, representatives of the establishment of ISO 9000 implementation;
Formulating objectives, and incentive measures;
Staff at all levels, receive the necessary awareness and the sense of quality management training;
Knowledge training, ISO9001 standards;
The paper, prepared by the Quality System (legislation);
The quality system documentation, large area advocacy, training, publishing, trial operation;
OIA member, receive training;
Quality system, a number of internal audits;
OIA, the managers on the basis of the assessment;
Improving the quality management system, and improve;
Applications for certification, 2000.
Enterprises in the implementation of ISO 9000, should integrate with the actual situation, the implementation of the above steps meticulous planning, and gives time and activities on the contents of specific arrangements to ensure the implementation of more effective results.
(3) ISO9000 significance
1. Enhance quality management, and improve enterprise efficiency, increase customer confidence, and expand market shares in charge of the ISO 9000 quality system certification of a national accreditation body authorized institutions are recognized authority institutions, the quality of corporate auditing system is very strict. Thus, the enterprise, can be scrutinized in accordance with the international quality system ISO quality management, and truly achieve the rule of law and scientific requirements, greatly increasing efficiency and product qualification rate, and rapidly enhancing the economic efficiency of enterprises and social benefits. For enterprise external, when customers that supply-side management in accordance with international standards, obtained ISO9000 Quality System Certification, a certification body and the strict examination and regular supervision, it can be sure that the business is able to stabilize production qualified products and outstanding products trust businesses, thereby reassuring to a supply and marketing contracts with enterprises and expand the company's market share. It can be said that in these two areas have received immediate effect.
2. Access to the international trade "pass" to eliminate international trade barriers in many countries in order to protect their own interests, have set all sorts of barriers to trade, including tariff and non-tariff barriers. These non-tariff barriers, mainly technical barriers, technical barriers, and is the main product quality certification and the ISO 9000 quality system certification barriers. In particular, "WTO", mutual exclusion between member countries of the tariff barriers, technical barriers must be set, therefore, access authentication is the main way to eliminate trade barriers. (In China, "WTO", the loss of distinction between domestic and international trade of strict limits, all trade may have encountered these technical barriers, and that we should attach great importance to the business community, early prevention.)
3. Second save energy and the audit costs in the modern trade practice, and the second side audit has long been the practice, and gradually discovered their existence big drawbacks: usually a supply-side for many demand-side Availability, Second, the supply-side audit will undoubtedly bring heavy burden on the other hand, the demand side is also required to pay the cost of sending or at the same time we must also consider the experience and employment levels, otherwise, spent less than the cost of the intended purpose. Only ISO9000 certification may exclude such disadvantages. Because of the production as the first side of the enterprise applications and third-party ISO 9000 certification obtained certification certificate, the second side on numerous unnecessary to conduct an examination on the first side, so, whether the first or the second side can save a lot of energy or charges. Also, if the enterprises which are the ISO9000 certification, to apply for UL, CE, and other products quality certification, but also remove the accreditation body for enterprise quality assurance system repeat certification expenses.
4. Product quality competition forever invincible international trade competitiveness is the main means of price competition and quality competition. As low-cost sales approach not only makes profits sharply reduced if constitute dumping, trade sanctions will be, therefore, a means of increasing price competition undesirable. Since the 1970s, the quality of competition has become the main international trade competition means that many countries to improve the quality of imported goods as demand for a limit to the importance of trade protectionism measures. Implementation of the ISO 9000 international quality management standardization can be steadily improving product quality, product quality so that enterprises in the competition and remain invincible.
5. Effectively avoid product liability countries in the implementation of product quality in the practice of law, because of complaints about the quality of products increasingly frequent cause of the accident increasingly complex, increasingly strict accountability will. In particular, in recent years, developed countries have in the original "fault liability" into an "strict liability" law, the manufacturer's safety requirements greatly improved. For example, workers in a machine operator at the injury, according to the "strict liability" legal, the court not only depend on the machine such as the engine of the quality issues, but also have its safety devices, has issued a warning to the operator the devices. The court may issue a judgment any of the above deficiencies in the machine tools, factory responsible for the consequences of its convenience to compensation. However, in accordance with national product liability law, if the factory management is able to provide ISO9000 Quality System Certificate will be deductible, or else to lose and are subject to heavy penalties. (Along with the improvement of China's rule of law, the business community should be on "product liability law" a high degree of attention, as soon as possible precautions.)
6. Conducive international economic cooperation and technological exchanges with international economic cooperation and technological exchanges practice, the two sides must cooperate in products (including services) have a common quality of the language, unity and understanding shared by members of the normative order cooperation and exchanges. ISO9000 Quality System Certification provides such trust will be conducive to rapid agreement.
(4) ISO 9000 certification principles
* Customer focus * leadership role
All personnel involved in the process * * Method
* Management systems approach * Continuous Improvement
* Based on the facts and decision-making methods * for the mutually beneficial relationship
(5) ISO 9000 standards into

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) quality management and quality assurance Technical Committee (ISO/TC176) in 1990 at the Ninth Annual Conference on the proposed international-called "2000 Outlook" and "90's international quality standards implementation strategy "Its goal is:" to let the whole world to accept and use of ISO9000 standards in order to improve the operation of organizations capable of providing effective way; enhance international trade, promote global prosperity and development of any institutions and individuals, can have confidence from all over the world receive any desired products, and smooth their own industries sold to the rest of the world. "you as a reader, whether learned from this passage to the ISO9000 standards significance? It was from this passage in the introduction ISO9000 standards?
Following the procedures established several different levels of discussion, revision, 2000 version of the ISO 9000 standard to be released. 2000 version of ISO9000 standards distinct characteristics, it is the quality of the contemporary world community generally accepted eight principles of quality management, full integration in the ISO9000 quality management standards are. The eight quality management principles: customer-centric, the role of leadership, full participation, the process method, management system, continuous improvement, based on the fact that the decision-making methods, the supply-side and mutually beneficial relationship.
ISO9000 standards can help organizations of all types and size of the effective implementation and operation of the quality system. China in the new century on a high-tech and advanced development of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology of the many enterprises, enterprise management into one of the important elements linked to the world as a quality management system should be an important consideration for the content.
Some enterprises in the development process, deeply feel that the Organization Quality Management and the domestic and foreign markets, and customer demands are not suited, they considered, into the ISO9000 standard.
Some enterprises in the higher authorities, departments, the departments in charge of industry requirements, the need to recognize that, into the ISO9000 standard. Some enterprises operating in the market, customers encountered by the quality management system requirements, in order to meet the requirements, exploring new markets, into the ISO9000 standard.
Some enterprises and other enterprises than the same industry, by the publicity and other aspects of impact, but also into the ISO9000 standard.
Regardless of what is out of consideration into ISO9000 standards is a very correct choice and decision-making.
ISO9000 standards, in particular the ISO 9001 "quality management system - the request" and not told how to do business, but standards set forth requirements to internationally accepted, the universally recognized quality management system requirements. Therefore, import ISO9000 standards is the first step, based on how standards and the requirements to achieve an effective quality management, establishment of an appropriate and lasting quality management system, the average pay energy, time and resources.
Please entrepreneurs, managers who take a certain amount of time and energy, to find out the ISO9000 standards, and I hope you early into ISO9000 standards, I hope that you will establish a meet ISO9000 standards and effective quality management system.


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